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New things, finally!

We just finished the final mixes for my new album. It’s called Burn the Tapes and it comes out in June. It took us 13 months, a lot of booze and bacon, and at least a dozen amazing musicians but we finally got it done. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be re-vamping this website and posting new show dates in the coming months so come on back and have a look again.

Thanks for dropping by,

Ireland Tour 2013!

I am heading out on my first overseas tour next week. I will be playing 8 shows in Ireland; North, South, East, West, all over the place. For the shows in Northern Ireland I will be opening for American singer-songwriter Jude Johnstone (create link to www.judejohnstone.com). Her songs have been covered by Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt and Johnny Cash. Johnny. Freakin’. Cash. It’s a real honour to be sharing a stage with her. I’ll be travelling solo down in the South with two shows in Dublin and a final show in lovely Galway. This is a dream trip for me. I’ve been talking about it for years. So glad it’s finally happening. Tour dates are available at the right of the screen. If you know folks in Ireland, send them to me!

Thank you for everything,
norma xo

Goings on...

Hi there. No, I don’t update my website enough. But I’m glad you were here to notice. Thank you and I’m sorry. It’s been a busy fall of writing, running and eating things. I have also entered the stage of starting to think about the possibility of starting a new record. At least it’s a start. In the meantime, I’ve been recording some demos, playing shows around Nova Scotia and generally lamenting the end of summer and trying to get excited about my much more flattering fall clothing.
Speaking of summer, here is a video shot by my good friends at Analog Songs near their home on the South Shore on one of the final blistering days of the season. This has been one of my favourite songs since I saw Linda Ronstadt sing it with The Muppets when I was 7. Anyway, it seemed an appropriate way to wind down a spectacular summer here in Nova Scotia. Hope you enjoy...

- n. xoxo


So we seem to have gotten the glitches worked out the the shows section of this page. Phew! Technology is not my friend (unless it's some form of robotic sandwich maker). That being said, you can now let your eyes wander over to the right of your screen and check out some summer tour dates, including a 3 week tour of Alberta and BC with my good friend (and one of my favourite songwriters) Steven Bowers. There will be more shows popping up in the weeks to come. Hope to see some of you around!

Also, CBC Radio's "All the Best" recently taped a house concert featuring myself and Ian Sherwood at the lovely home of Paula and Michael Fredericks ("Lift the Wind House Concerts"). You can have a listen here.Was a very fun night, and I seem to recall there was a massive surplus of cake. If you contact Paula, she may have some left...

Thanks for dropping by.
See you soon! -n xo

More from The Picture House (plus some tech issues...)

Happy Fall, Y'all. A couple of things: first, I'm having some difficulties updating shows here on my site. It might be a couple of months until the issue gets resolved, so in the meantime, you can check out upcoming dates at www.sonicbids.com/normamacdonald

On a more positive note, the good folks at The Picture House finished up another video from our shoot at the gorgeous Petite Riviere Winery. This time around it is for my Margaret Atwood ripped-off "Cordelia". Hope you enjoy!


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