Morning You Wake


01 cordelia
02 lessons learned
03 canada day
04 two heads on a pillow
05 klondike
06 ages
07 comeback kid
08 blackhearts of the company
09 bright as you dare
10 swollen sky
11 follow the flowers

“MacDonald and Sedore have created an album that will stand up strongly year after year, regardless of what made up, micro-genre is the flavour of the month”

The Forest for the Trees



01 a little longer
02 everyone lets you down
03 almost there
04 water on the moon
05 pulling on a thread
06 long shot
07 we’re ghosts
08 unseasonably warm
09 sand
10 so soundly

“The purity of her voice and weightlessness of the tracks could easily soundtrack a long drive on those perfect fall evenings…the Forest for the Trees is beautiful. Using any other description cheapens the thought.

“Well worth a listen…daily.”
Penguin Eggs



Nothing is Where it Was


01 Annaline
02 Time
03 Get in and Drive
04 Lost in Boston
05 Two Dollar Bill
06 Flood Gates
07 Wide Awake
08 Waiting for September
09 Northern Star
10 Michael
11 You Came On

“Two Dollar Bill…is a truly fantastic song that could easily have been done by the great Kirby Grips, and hopefully a sign of what’s to come.” Now Magazine

” ..an earthy country approach from another excellent and talented Canadian lady.”
Maverick Magazine (UK)